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district 22

District 22 is one of approximately 30 Districts in the North Florida Conference Area 14 Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous. District 22 covers all of Flagler County, Florida.

District 22 Guidelines

Monthly District 22 Meetings are held on the last Monday of each month except for May, when the meeting is on the third Monday, and December, when the District does not meet. District meetings are currently held online via Zoom. The current Zoom ID and Password are on the calendar list.  All District 22 GSRs are strongly encouraged to attend, and all AA members are welcome.

The District 22 Committee Members are:

  • General Service Representatives (GSRs) from the District 22 Meetings
  • Officers of District 22
    • District Committee Member (DCM)
    • Alternate District Committee Member (Alt DCM)
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
  • Service Committee Chairpersons
    • Correction Chairperson
    • Public Information Chair
    • Cooperation with Professional Community Chairperson
    • Treatment Chairperson
    • Grapevine Chairperson
    • Archives Chairperson
    • Accessibility Chairperson

If you need to add a groups GSR or are changing your GSR you can go to the North Florida AA site or fill out the Information Change Form.

For help with alcoholism or if you think you have a problem with alcohol, you can contact the Flagler Intergroup helpline at:

386-445-help ( 386-445-4357 )

For information about how the District Group works with the General Service Office, see “Is Your Group Linked to AA as a Whole?” available at